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Roku currently has over 27 million active accounts, these figures are rapidly increasing! Amazon Fire TV currently has 30 million active accounts ! With over 200 million viewers and growing, (2 to 4 viewers per account) now is the time to solidify your brand with your very own Connected TV Channel that will help extend your reach and separate you from your competition.

Monetization Opportunities

Sit back and let your channel generate money for you! Having . Roku offers unique opportunities for you to monetize your channel and create new streams of revenue for you, your company or your brand. 


Control your Content!

Who has the right to tell you your content is not good enough? No one! Having your own Roku Channel lets you have control of your content immediately shifting you from the Consumer to the Producer.

Take your brand or niche to the next level!

Lets Talk Roku 

Roku added nearly 8 Million Active Accounts in 2018. This gives them a base of 27 Million active subscribers which could be a possible 100 Million Viewers based on households with 3 or 4 people in them.

  • Roku is the Number one Streaming platform in the US with the most hours streamed.
  • Roku pioneered streaming to the TV, this allowed users to connect with the streaming content they love.
  • Roku can be viewed on either Roku TVTM . & Roku Streaming Players which are available around the world.
  • Headquarters are in Los Gatos, California. U.S.A  Anthony Wood is the Founder and CEO Roku has an Industry Leading line of Roku Branded plates Across America and Europe and are rapidly expanding around the world.

Roku offers a variety of devices for streaming such as the

Roku TV

Roku® Streaming Stick™+

Roku Express

The above are just a selection of the players available, the players range from 1080p to 4K.  They have set-toboxes available as well. All the players run on the Roku OS They can be purchased from many different suppliers around the world.

Let’s talk Amazon Fire Stick

The Fire Stick can be purchased in HD & 4K versions

Amazon Fire TV currently has 30 Million Active Accounts (Jan 2019 figures). Remember this is Users not Viewers, so there could be a possible 100 Million Viewers.

Why Choose Streaming TV?

In the UK alone it is estimated that Streaming TV has overtaken Pay-TV for the first time in the first quarter of 2018. The figures are 15.1 Million for Pay-TV and 15.4 Million for Streaming TV. This signifies that the trend for watching Broadcast TV has continued its fall since 2017 with those viewers switching to Streaming TV. According to a CNBC Economic Survey 57% of the public has some form of streaming service. This number is rapidly growing.


What does all this mean for you?

This enables businesses and companies to now build a large viewer audience and set themselves up as an authority as we all know that the power of TV creates that something special.


Your Brand Across Multiple Devices
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