What’s the Investment?

Basic Package Includes:

  • up to five (5) videos up to one-hour duration each at any given time.
  • Video Hosting
  • Roku channel ( Each additional platform is 499.00 to be developed. Apple comes at an additional fee and a $99/yr Apple Developer Fee to be paid to Apple Annually.
  • We do offer custom packages and additional services to help you launch and maintain your channels.

$499.00 Development Fee / 299.00 a month

What do I need to get Started?:

  • A user account for each platform you want a channel developed on.
  • At least (2) 3-5 minute videos.
  • Thumbnails, Screenshots and Channel Art.
  •  Logo
  • A vision for your channel.
  • Add us on as Developers or give us access to your account for publishing and management.
  • To not worry if you don’t have of any of the above items because we can create them for you for an additional fee.

How long does the process take?

As long as you have all of your assets ready and available it typically takes us no longer than 7 days to design and develop your channel. Publishing times which are out of our control in our experience can take anywhere from 2 hours to 14 days for depending on the platform.

Do you create videos for me?

No. Unless you have purchased one of our video production packages with your streaming television development package you must supply your own videos. Please do not hesitate to contact if you’re in need of video services.

Who owns the content on my channel?

If you create it you own it. If we produce it for you it all depends on the usage rights you purchased.

How many videos do  I need for my channel?

We recommend two to three to start and a steady flow of fresh content to keep your viewers engaged and coming back.

Which platform will my channel be on?

Our basic package includes Roku and Amazon Fire TV, but we offer several other platforms such as Apple TV and other popular Social sites.

Do you provide services to create thumbnails and other assets I may need?

We’ve got you covered we can make you logos, thumbnails, videos and even a movie if that is your cup of tea. Just let us know and we will be glad to help.

How do I make changes to my channel?

Depends. If you purchased our channel builder we will provide tutorials for you. If we are managing your channels we will set up a shared folder or account where you can deposit assets and request changes and updates.

Can I remove a video once its posted?

Yes. We can add and remove videos for you if we manage your channel.

What happens if I don’t pay my monthly fee?

Your channel will be deactivated after 72 hours or 3 days of non-payment. You will be charged a $299 reinstatement fee, plus any past due fees you may owe.

What happens if I cancel?

You may cancel at any time. Just send us a notification. 

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